Saving Damon: Why Was Custody Given to His Child Molester?

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Have you ever hear of the “Saving Damon” movement?  Damon is a California resident who went into Damon Moelter Victim of Sexual Abusehiding at the age of thirteen after courts repeatedly denied his requests to stay with his mother because his father was sexually abusing him.  Investigators gathered evidence, and his older brother even signed a sworn affidavit that he had witnessed the abuse on several occasions.  His mother lived separately from his father and shared custody with him at the time of the accusations.  When his mother reported the abuse to the California court, the judge gave his father (and accused molester) sole custody of Damon. There was nothing, it seemed, that her child custody lawyer could do to save him from his hellish situation.

Damon went on the run when he was just thirteen years old.  After reporting the continued abuse to courts to no avail, he took matters into his own hands to save himself from further abuse.  Damon stated on several occasions that the court system has failed him.  He reached out to many media outlets, including Dr. Phil, but the court’s custody decision always came down to the opinion of a single judge.  Unfortunately for Damon the judges took his father’s side, not believing the words of a mere child.  That’s something that Sandusky was also counting on before he was finally convicted of  child molestation dating back as far as the 1970’s.

Patricia Barry won a recent custody battle in Los Angeles.  Like Damon’s mother, her two sons confided in her about sexual abuse at the hands of their father.  Like any mother would, she immediately reported the abuse to the police.  And like in Damon’s case, a judge continued to let the boys visit their father unsupervised despite their pleas.  Their father continued to sexually abuse them.

Barry took to the media like Damon to make her case public.  She was somehow on the verge of losing the custody battle, and the courts were appearing to side with the boys’ father when supporters from across the country rallied to help her.  Finally on March 14, 2013 a judge granted her full custody.  The mother of two thanked Damon, who she says gave her the courage and brevity to keep fighting for her children even when it seemed the courts had failed her.  After the judge gave her sole custody she called her two boys on speaker phone to let them know they wouldn’t have to come to court anymore and that they would be safe with her from now on.  They both yelled “Yay!  Mommy come home!”.  Their cries of joy were enough to make even the most stone-faced of people teary eyed.

Now that Damon is 16 he was able to hire his own attorney and ask for emancipation from his father, who still has sole custody of him.  Damon’s father continues to renounce Damon’s claims publicly, and said his child custody lawyer would not fight Damon’s emancipation request.  A hearing for Damon’s anticipated emancipation was to take place on January 4, 2013 but was rescheduled.

Damon and his many supporters have organized a massive social media campaign not only to spread the word about his particular case, but to call attention and demand action for the children across the country that are in the same or similar situations.  Their voices need to be heard, and for that to happen these children need strong advocates and support from their local and national communities.

To stay on top of Damon’s story you can visit his YouTube channel called Saving Damon or visit his website.

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