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Paternity Cases

Houston Paternity and Family Law

DNA paternity testing allows parents to know who the father of a child is. Knowing the name of the father makes it possible to obtain child support. It also gives the father parental rights, allowing him to be involved in the child's life through inclusion in a parenting plan.

At the Houston family law office of Frank E. Mann, Attorney and Counselor at law, I work with mothers and fathers on paternity issues. I advise them about their rights and their options when there are questions about the paternity of a child. To find out more about paternity, contact my Houston office today.

A determination of paternity brings rights and responsibilities

If a man is found to be the parent of a child through a paternity test, he can be held liable for child support and medical insurance. He can also be awarded visitation rights or primary custody of a child. I file lawsuits for clients to clarify fathers' rights and responsibilities when there are unresolved questions about paternity. Some of these suits, when you are not married, called Suits Affecting the Parent–Child Relationship (SAPCR), can result in a SAPCR order that provides visitation rights to fathers. A lawsuit can force a father to undergo genetic testing to determine paternity. If a father denies that he is the father of a child, and genetic testing proves him wrong, he may be liable for court costs and legal fees because the test has established paternity.

Each paternity case turns on a different issue

At my law office, I advise fathers and mothers about complex paternity issues. If you have been ordered to pay child support and a paternity test reveals you are not the father, I can help. If your wife just told you that you are not the father of one of your children, I will counsel you about your options with regard to that child. If your girlfriend is pregnant, and you believe you are not the father, I can tell you about your obligations and your choices.

Each case is different. I have handled many such cases during the years since becoming a family law lawyer in 1984. To learn how I can use my experience and knowledge to help you with any paternity matter, contact my Houston law office.

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