Attorney Endorsements

“Frank is a hard-worker and zealous advocate. He would be the kind of divorce lawyer you’d want on your side.”

Kunal P., Tax Attorney

“I endorse this lawyer. I have worked with him on several family law cases and am impressed with his depth of knowledge in family law and his skilled and zealous advocacy for his clients.”

Jessica C., Contracts And Agreements Attorney

“I endorse this lawyer. Frank Mann and I have worked together many times. He is responsible and efficient and a pleasure to know and to work with.”

Jane J., Arbitration Attorney

“I endorse this Frank Mann. He has a special way with people that makes him stand out among family law specialists.”

Finis C., Tax Attorney

“Frank is a well-known family attorney, experienced in all family litigation matters such as separation, divorce, custody, and child support. Frank knows the ins-and-outs of the local family courts and preferences of the judges. I endorse Frank for his expertise in family law.”

Benjamin S., Litigation Attorney

“I endorse this lawyer. We’ve worked together on several cases. I’m always impressed with his thoughtful and careful preparation. His years of experience and knowledge of the local Family Law community are invaluable. I’ve even requested Frank’s counsel on my personal Family Law issues. I’m glad to endorse Frank Mann as a thoughtful and conscientious member of the Family Law bar.”

Scott B., Family Attorney

“Frank and I have worked together on matters at Court. I admire his strength, good judgment and persistence in pursuing client litigation goals. He is a friend, and I endorse him both personally and professionally.”

Matthew M., Litigation Attorney

“I endorse this lawyer. I recently did a divorce mediation for Mr. Mann. He came well prepared and was a strong advocate for his client. It was a difficult mediation and we resolved it due in large part to the hard work and advocacy skills of both attorneys.”

Fran B., Mediation Attorney

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