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Are There Any Advantages To Filing First For A Divorce In Texas?

In a case where it is predicted that there will be a fight for primary custody, it’s best to file first because you get to speak first in court and at mediations. Judges seem to be more sympathetic to the first person who speaks. The first person that speaks is allowed the opportunity to point out all of good points of your case as well as the bad things about the other party. There is a big psychological advantage for the person that files first. They are the person that appears to be the most aggrieved party in that they had to file the legal action to get relief that is requested. You have to have patience and endurance to go through the legal system in a contested divorce to fight for what you want.

Many times, we settle cases without even having to go to court. You don’t want to have to go through a trial. Trial is very expensive and the results are uncertain. Mediation is required by most of the Judges and this is where most cases are resolved. The cost of mediation may be free or it may cost about $300 or more for each party. Usually each party pays their own mediation costs. It’s always less expensive to resolve a case at mediation than having a trial. The biggest value I give clients is determining a strategy for the divorce and finding the right mediators for their particular case. I know what types of mediators are most effective to get the best results for my clients.

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