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Common Timeshares - What Custody Timeshare Is Right for You?

If you're involved in a child custody dispute, how you and your co-parent intend to divide time with your child is probably a point of contention. Understanding common timeshare arrangements in custody cases can help you identify a timeshare that works for both parties and enables your child to thrive.

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The "Week on, Week off" Schedule

Perhaps the most common custody schedule is the "week on, week off" schedule. In this kind of timeshare, the child spends alternating weeks with each parent.

Week on, week off timeshares are great because it allows the child to spend a full five days plus a weekend with each parent. This enables parents to be present for their child's schooling and also spend more relaxed periods of time, such as weekends, with them.

However, for parents with unpredictable or busy work schedules, the week on, week off timeshare may not work as well. Those parents should consider an alternative, such as...

The 5-2 or 4-3 Split

In a 5-2 or 4-3 split, the parents have custody for five (or four) days, then for two (or three) days, in an alternating fashion. So, for example, you each get your child for five days, then for two days, then the cycle repeats.

Since these kinds of timeshares involve smaller chunks of time, they can be easier to schedule out for parents with busy work schedules, particularly those who have three-day work weeks (which is common in various industries such as healthcare). However, these schedules can also result in a parent spending less free time than they'd like with their child, especially if their custody slots fall during their workweek.

Last but not least, we have...

A Visitation Schedule

Unfortunately, it's not always possible for parents to house their child. If one parent has an unstable living situation or simply isn't home enough to house their child often, a visitation agreement may be a preferable alternative.

Using visitation, the busier parent can still see their child, but doesn't necessarily have to house them for extended periods of time. This is preferable for many parents.

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