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4 Tips for Creating a Strong Parenting Plan

In Texas, one of the provisions of divorce involving minor children is to come up with a parenting plan that works for all parties. Depending on how contentious the divorce proceedings are, it may be a challenge for both parents to agree on a solid schedule and plan.

These 4 tips can be used to help you reach an agreement that works for everyone:

Ensure the Plan Is Detailed

Even in situations where parents maintain a positive relationship, it’s important to ensure the parenting plan is as detailed as possible. Parents should create a plan for every possible scenario that may arise. For instance, while the plan covers day-to-day activities such as who will have the child on certain weekends, there should also be a plan entailing who will have the children on specific holidays.

Decide on Expenses

Parents should make a plan for how expenses will be shared during certain life events. For example, parents can decide how to divide emergency medical expenses. If one parent pays child support to the other, they could also detail how they would like these payments to be used to provide for the child.

Include Vacation Time

Children are not in school for many weeks at a time during the summer and winter breaks. Parents should plan for how they would like to divide these longer break periods. For example, one parent could have the child for the first half of the break and the other parent could have the child for the second half. Or, each parent could have the child for the entirety of the summer or winter break.

Consider What Your Child Wants

Small children may not be able to voice their wishes for a parenting plan, but older children can. Consider speaking with your children to understand how they would like to divide their time between parents. Maybe your child would feel more comfortable spending their time in a certain home over the other. Or, perhaps they would like to stay in an area where most of their friends live.

Helping Parents Create Solid Arrangements

At Law Offices of Frank E. Mann, P.C., our parenting plan lawyer can help you and your former partner create an arrangement that works for all parties involved. We can work with you to create an agenda that is in your child’s best interests.

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