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The Benefits of Choosing Collaborative Divorce

There are many ways for spouses to end their marriage that can keep them out of court. Given how hostile and contentious litigation can be, it is in your best interest to consider such methods. Collaborative divorce, for example, will keep you out of court, take less time, and help you and your spouse work on building a more cooperative co-parenting relationship if you have children.

Understanding the Benefits of Collaborative Divorce

If you value your privacy, choosing a collaborative divorce will allow you to keep the details of your divorce private. Moreover, given its less adversarial nature, if you have children, you and your co-parent will have an easier time putting this experience behind you, so you can raise your children as a more effective team.

Here are some additional advantages of choosing collaborative divorce:

  • It is a less stressful and anxiety-inducing process.
  • The process is less time-consuming since you and your spouse will set your own schedule.
  • Since the collaborative divorce process often requires less time, it is also less costly than divorce litigation.
  • You are more likely to be pleased with the results since you and your spouse will have more control over the outcome rather than leaving the future up to the discretion of a family court judge.

You and your spouse will still have attorneys representing you and advocating on your behalf when you choose to go through the collaborative divorce process. However, if you fail to successfully achieve a resolution, your respective attorneys must excuse themselves from the case and allow someone else to represent you in court.

Keep in mind that this process will only be effective if you and your spouse are open to negotiating and compromising with one another. You will both have to compromise and make some concessions, but if you can set aside some of the negative feelings you may have for each other, you can secure a favorable divorce settlement.

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