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Child Visitation Rights in Texas

Child Visitation Agreements or Parent Plans

As an experienced Houston Custody Lawyer , I know that Texas law stresses the importance of having each parent involved with
their children, even if those parents are no longer married. When the
parents are unable to agree on visitation rights, courts lean toward a
standard possession order. This gives the non-custodial parent time with
the child every other weekend, alternating holidays, and extended time
in the summer. For more information about visitation rights and
schedules, also known as parenting plans, contact the Houston law office
of Frank E. Mann, Attorney and Counselor at law.

Family Code governs visitation rights

At my Houston family law office, I offer clients clear explanations of the
laws affecting visitation or parenting plans. The Texas Family Code
provides detailed instructions for pickup and drop-off, travel
arrangements for visiting the other parent, and grandparent visitation
guidelines. I help clients understand their options for visitation under
the Texas Family Code and what a Houston Custody Lawyer can do for your case.

the Code for parents

The language used in the family code is one of the reasons it is
important to have an child visitation lawyer who can educate clients. I interpret terms
such as joint managing conservatorship (joint custody), possessory
conservator (the non-custodial parent), managing conservator (the
custodial parent), and affidavit of relinquishment (a document that ends
parental rights). All of these affect the development and
implementation of a parenting plan.


When parents cannot agree on a parenting plan, the court may appoint a
parenting coordinator to help parents come to an agreement about
visitation schedules. The court may also require mediation or other
alternate resolution techniques. I help clients navigate the Texas
Family Code and the court system in matters relating to parenting plans
and visitation rights.

To learn more about visitation rights following a divorce, contact my
Houston family law office. I offer practical, workable solutions to all
related matters.

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