Client Testimonials

“Frank Mann is an attorney who goes out of his way to provide concise and realistic answers to all questions relating to family law and divorce. He worked with me to execute an agreed final divorce agreement with my wife in the most expedient way possible. We achieved this without hassle, without creating extra cost, while devising a peaceful agreement. Mr. Mann and his staff were easy to work with. Thank you so much for your professionalism.”

Mark G.
“I contacted Frank Mann’s law office. I was able to get a telephone consultation because I was not able to go to his office because of my work schedule. I was able to hire Mr. Mann and did all of the paperwork by email. I only had to go to court one time and my case was completed in 2 months after I hired him. I am very pleased with how quickly my case was handled and the result! Thank you!”

Judy E.
“Frank Mann is an excellent attorney. Mr. Mann helped me with a family law case against an expensive opposing lawyer. Me. Mann was able to resolve my case at mediation. He told me that he would get my case done for the lowest cost as possible and in the shortest time possible. He did that. I highly recommend him and his staff!”

Edgar L.
“Frank Mann awesome, straight up , down to business man, explained everything I was looking to do on getting my son custody and even doe it was a long journey but I was very happy with outcome. Ty very much for everything and highly recommend him.And even the office people are very happy to help with every question answered. Thankyou very much.”

Carlos V.
“I’m so glad I decided to have Frank E. Mann represent me in my custodial modification case. Mr. Mann and his staff from beginning to end were professional, caring, and understanding with my kids situation. I highly recommend this firm!”

Jack H.

“I was going through a problem with my grandchild contacted attorney mann office where they gave me a start up fee and then payment arrangements to meet my budget. The office staff is exceptional the lady’s take time to make sure you are aware of all the steps that are coming up.This took alot of stress off me and made it easier for me to breath with the hard decisions approaching. Attorney Mann always made sure every decision that I made was always in the best interest of what was absolutely best for me at all times. Thank you a wonderful team to work with all the way around..Efficiency and Timely Mannered as Well.”

Shirley T.

“Mr. Mann is an excellent attorney. He really knows the law and will fight for you with everything he’s got. He is extremely knowledgeable and ready to go to war on your behalf. Before hiring Mr. Mann, I was unsure of winning my case, but after I saw him in action, I was sure I would win, and guess what? I DID !!!!! Don’t hesitate, call him today!”


“They did a great job for my trial. I would recommend anyone to this law firm.”

Henry A.

“I will highly recommend the Law Office of Frank Mann. My experience with Mr. Mann was excellent. After talking to him on the phone I felt at ease. He is very knowledgeable about the law, straight forward and a straight shooter. This law firm care about you and knows what you are going through. This guy knows what he is doing, after 3 conversations on the phone he knew everything about my case. I live 1,100 miles from Houston Texas so all our conversations was through the phone. When I showed up to mediation he had all his notes and he knew everything about my case. I was amaze on how much he knew about my case by just simply answering his questions with simple yes or no answer.Divorce can be stressful, a financial burden and a heartache. My world was flipped upside down. Mr. Mann advice me, told me everything and how it was going to happened. Explained the Law to me and what his approach was. Trust him and you will be in good hands. Let’s not forget about the staff, they are very courteous and helpful. To the law firm, thank you for all your help in this difficult phase of my life”

Americo V.

“The Law Office of Frank Mann and his team have exceeded my expectations in every possible level. Their communication is excellent, they kept me in the loop at all times, and most importantly they actually care about my case…because they treated me like a person instead of like a file.”

Gilberto V.

“Awesome lawyer! I hired him for my child custody case and everything went great. I am no legal pro so knowing that I had someone who could break everything down to me was very helpful. I highly recommend him!”

Bhavini B.

“Frank and his team were always very professional and made the process effortless. I highly recommend The Mann Team.”

Jesse C.

“My Attorney and client experience with Mr. Frank Mann was extremely positive. Mr. Mann is a professional Attorney. His paralegal staff is very nice, helpful, and professional as well. On my first consultation, Mr. Mann went over my divorce case and advice me not to worry about it. He said that he would save me money and help me keep my house. Mr. Mann kept his word. I am very happy with the outcome of my case . Mr.Mann did an awesome job. I highly recommend him to anyone looking for a professional Attorney. Thank you Mr.Mann. GREAT JOB!”

David D.

“I’ve went to many attorney consultations before I decided to choose Frank Mann as my attorney. I had a very unique child modification case. But Mr. Mann made me feel as if I was making the right choice by choosing him to represent me. He answered all of my questions, told me the pros and cons to each situation and lead me in the right way. My court date came, he was on time, very professional & handled everything ideally. I won my child modification case with no issues. Thank you again!”

A Satisfied Client

“Hi, I would like to start off by saying that if u have this attorney then u have a very good one. He gets straight to the point and doesn’t charge an arm and a leg like most attorneys. I was told by the court that I would have to do 6 months jail time due to back pay I owe in child support. My case was set for trial and I was more stressed than ever. I knew I had to either come up with a lot of money to pay towards my back pay or be prepared to go to six months. Well, I’m glad to say I didn’t have to do either because today at trial my case was DISMISSED! Didn’t even have to sit in court long, to be honest.Respectful secretary, great service great lawyer.”

A Satisfied Client

“To start this off, I would like to say that I was very very satisfied with Mr. Mann’s assistance in the matter of my two children, and I am too grateful and lucky to have hired such a great attorney like himself. When I first went to his office I was so nervous and stressed that I did not know if I would finally get to see my children. Mr. Mann has finalized the court order and I would definitely recommend him.”

Mago L.

“After being separated for 4 years and never been able to get the divorce done, I finally found Attorney Mann, he was the first attorney that offered financing, which was mainly why I couldn’t hire an attorney before, he was able to find and serve my ex husband, even though he was in another stare and I had absolutely no idea on where he lived, and now I am officially divorced. Very happy with the service and I never had any problems, I always got a quick response when I email his office and they’ve always been supportive and super nice. He will sit with you in court an explains everything in details so you’re never lost or condused. I will always recommend Attorney Mann and I am willing to work with him again on my child support case as well.”

Jumana J.

“Frank E. Mann is great! He and his staff took very good care of me since day one and the process was fast and easy. I will definitely recommend him to anyone for his services. Thanks Frank!”

Harvey S.

“I want to thank Mr Frank E Mann and his staff, they are amazing. I am very pleased with their help and services. Mr Mann took the time to walk me through every step of my very difficult case and in the end helped me keep custody of my children. His rates are affordable and his staff is very professional. I highly recommend Frank E Mann!”

Teresa R.

“Very thorough and detailed. I highly recommend Frank Mann to represent you he will fight for your rights as a parent.”

Lee D.

“Mr. Mann worked very hard from the consultation through trial. He asked specific questions and asked me what I wanted and told me what he could do. He advised me how the trial would work and what to expect. This was a very difficult time, but Mr. Mann and his staff kept me informed every step of the way with detailed advice and now I am finally free. Primary custody, 50% property division, no alimony, no child support. I have supported my child in the past 5 years and will support my child and be a great father until I am gone from this earth. Mr. Mann’s has now made it so much easier and stress-free for me to be a great father!”

Cochise K.

“You really don’t know how scary divorce can be until it’s your time. It is financially, emotionally and physically draining. Fortunately for me I found Frank Mann and associates. Not only was I able to work out a payment plan that I could handle he made sure to keep every correspondence straight to the point. For me that was very important because it assured me that he was not only proactive but also kept my financial situation in mind. At the end of it all I can say that I received a fair deal. I highly recommend Mr. Mann to anyone out there that needs a no nonsense Lawyer in their corner.”

Dustin V.

“I originally hired attorney Mann to handle my divorce my husband hasn’t made this an easy process from ordering a drug test to child modification hearings attorney Mann and his paralegal team have worked with me to come up with a great defense that even with a positive test we walked out or court with my husbands request being denied( we won). I would highly recommend his services.”

Amanda M.

“Frank has over 35 years experience in the areas of family law, divorce, separation and modifications. He is knowledgeable, experienced, straight to the point and honest. He is also known as one of the hardest working attorneys in the courthouse. He will tell you what you need to hear, not what you want to hear.”

Tom K.

“Attorney Mann did exactly what he said. His staff covered all the details. My court experience was quick and easy. All good.”

Tilden K.

“Mr. Mann is awesome he worked on my case and resolved it within a short period of time. I won custody of my daughter. My contempt’s were dismissed as well. His financial team is great. I’m happy this is over and I’m great that Mr. Mann finalized it.”


“I’m proud of Attorney Frank Mann law office. The service and professional services are one of the best I have ecev experienced. The way and manner he treats his client are second to known. The decicated staff are just so respecful, treat client with great professionalism. Frank Mann is a humble and professional attorney. His conduct and dealing with his client are the best I have ecev come across. I’m please to recommend him to any potential clients who needs a professional and respectful attorney, the place to go is FrankMann Family law office. Pls keep your good job going. Thanks! Amusa Bakare!”

Amusa B.

“The best attorney in Houston! Straight forward and gets the job done! Thank you!”

Cameron O.

“Attorney Mann is man who is straight to the point and very detailed. Thank you for getting my daughter back to me!”

Bennie C.

“I truly wish I had called him sooner. He helped me out of an untenable position with the kind of skill and professionalism that only comes with years of practice. His staff was friendly and knowledgeable. I finally felt like I had someone looking out for me. Highly recommended.”

Kenneth L.

“Frank Mann is a straight forward guy and very professional. Would recommend if you need a good lawyer that’s going to fight for you.”

Matt B.

“Frank gets the job done. He was very empathetic from the start to the end of my case. He reviewed with me over the phone as well as right before court exactly what to expect in court. This was very helpful as I was well prepared and there were no surprises!”

Reanna H.

“Frank E. Mann was very helpful and up front with the whole case. Always made things clear for me and made sure to always explain and walk me through the process/situation. WOULD HIGHLY RECOMMEND AS A LAWYER. I was more than satisfied with the case turn out, he will not disappoint. Thanks to the staff and Frank, they were all very helpful and understanding greatly appreciate them!”

Alex C.

“As I sit here, I want to personally thank Mr. Mann for taking my case. From the initial interview he was very traight forward and I liked that. Honesty and to the point. He took his time and based on his time that he took there I made my decision to go with him as my legal representative. At the time I was unemployed and I made him aware of it and he still took his chance with me. Thank you for that. He will get the job done, comunication is key and he has that. He is clear on the process, and asks 100% honesty from your side so that he can help. That initial interview is the icebreaker to getting to know your case. I am impressed with his results as a lawyer and how humble he treated me. He did not made me feel inferior in any way but rather gave me his legal advise and helped me make the right decisions. Thank you Mr. Mann and thank you to your practice for the great service. I did not worry a bit through the process even if it was stressfull at times. I trusted the 30 years of experience and now my results are all that matters to me.”

A Satisfied Client

“Of all the family lawyer in Houston I am so glad to find Mr. Frank Mann. He’s an expert in all phases of family law. He and his firm successfully won my case in a very direct manner. I intend use him again in the future.”

Ashley C.

“I would like to say that Mann Family Law is excellent. He got me all I wanted, split custody and no child support. He stuck beside me when I wasn’t able to make it a few times. Very understandable. I would definitely recommend him to anyone who is lookin to get family matters takin care of in court. Thanks for everything Mr. Mann!”

Germ F.

“Thank you Frank Mann for the hard work and dedication your firm provided to my case. Reading all the reviews below and witnessing the great work Frank did in court for me, I am forced to not believe the review by Betty Butron and Shanna Catina. Frank doesn’t mix words and he is direct and to the point. He told me as well to remain quiet and hold all comments until he asked during my consultation, but that’s so he can get all the information during the consultation period (it’s usually 45 minutes to an hour – Free at that). I also think that his fee/rate was well worth the service he provided. I WILL recommend Frank to everyone and WILL use him again for all my Family Law matters. Again, thank you Frank, Airica and Ashley. Great job by all.”

Rhonda T.

“At our first meeting, Mr. Mann explained the entire process to me in a direct and easy to understand way. This really took away most of my anxiety. I was so scared about even getting started with a case and the way he explained everything to me, it helped give me the confidence to start a case. He went over what results that he felt he could get for me, and he did that. My paralegal, Tina, was incredible. I worked a lot with her and she was easy to communicate with. She is very experienced in family law. I did the homework that was requested of me and Mr. Mann got me the results that I wanted. I am so happy I decided to use his law firm. After going through the process it is now clear to me that his having over 30 years of experience in family law really makes a difference. I saw so many attorneys websites that did not state how many years they have practiced law, and noticed that many of the other attorneys did many areas of law. Mr. Mann’s entire focus is entirely on family law. I am so happy I decided to hire his firm. He even worked a payment plan for me that I could afford. I am very grateful for that.”

Lauren D.

“Frank Mann accomplish way more than I ever expected. His is the most professional family attorney I ever dealt with. I highly recommend his services to anyone out there looking for a miracle to happen. From day one he and his staff showed honesty and professionalism.They were always up front and communicated with me. They were not only very very knowledge but understanding and patience with my case and current situation. If you ever need a family attorney contact him.”

Chris T.

“I’m really happy with the services Mr. Mann and his office offered me. This was the second time I use his law firm and I was very satisfied with the results on both of my cases. Having to deal with custody matters is very emotional and overwhelming. His staff was always great to ease my nerves and explain everything I had concerns about I would definitely recommend his office to my friends and family. Mr. Mann thank you for all your help and for making this whole process a lot more easier for me!”

Jennifer B.

“I would like to thank Frank and his staff for helping me get custody of my two boys. His price is very good for all of the hard work and time they put in. I would highly recommend Frank!”

Jose M.

“I am so grateful to have been referred to Frank Mann in the midst of my divorce. I had been stressing over this matter for weeks now. Looking left and right for some expert help. I found Frank Mann online and gave him a call. His assistant got my number and literally 5 minutes later I got a call back from him. He answered all my questions with confidence and gave me great advice!!! Frank Mann helped me win one of the toughest battles I’ve ever had to fight. Not only did he fight for me but the results were outstanding. He is truly the best! I now have peace of mind. I can’t thank Frank enough!”

Jed R.

“Frank Mann works very hard for his clients and knows how to get things done. He is very upfront with you and he willing to work with you on payment options. He gives you great confidence when he shows up to the courtroom. He also does a great job explaining all of your options. I want to thank the Law offices of Frank Mann for all there help in getting my case settled.”

John K.

“Frank Mann accomplished the impossible for our case and won us, me and my disabled son, custody of our 5 year old grandson. This was the happiest day! I come from a family of lawyers and I know how hard and difficult it is to find the ‘right match’ in the partnership with your family and a lawyer. We outlined what we were looking for when we started interviewing lawyers in Houston. We wanted: 1) An Expert in Harris County & Texas Family Law and Harris County Courts, 2) Someone tough, 3) We wanted Our case to be more than a number in the firm.I paid $650 to interview 3 lawyers. I hired Frank Mann as soon as I was in their office (3rd interview). Frank can be harsh, tough, and blunt, but he knows the family law and the courts of Harris County. Our case was very complex and we had a long road to go and it took 14 months to finally gain custody. We picked up our grandson last Wednesday to live with us in SA, TX. We are hoping that now that Frank Mann and his team were able to get us custody, that we can finally live in peace with our grandson’s mom. I give Frank Mann Houston TX law firm an A+++++. His knowledge and his team did an outstanding job! We are deeply grateful for his skill and knowledge as a Family Law Lawyer in Houston TX.

Lisa H.

“I have used Frank Mann and his law firm for the past 15 years to handle my legal matters. I have always been happy with the service and commitment from his legal team. Frank Mann’s firm offers a good service at a competitive price. Frank has always been able to get the job done when needed.”

Paul G.

“Very good service at a very fair rate. Case was finished during mediation. Good advice.”

Vianney R.

“Couldn’t have done it without Frank by my side. A divorce is something you don’t go through often. I saw ads for attorneys charging $400 for a divorce, but I wanted a good lawyer – someone with experience and that was willing to fight for me – not an attorney that was going to negotiate for the other side. I got everything that I wanted and more. Although I really enjoyed meeting Frank and his staff, I hope I won’t be in a position to require his services again!”

J P.

“I STRONGLY recommend Attorney Frank Mann. He is a top-notch family law attorney. He knows how to strategize the best course of action and he got me an excellent outcome in my case. My situation was not an easy one and I appreciated his deep insight and experience in figuring out the course of action that got me RESULTS. What a relief!”

Alan H.

“I would like to thank Mr. Frank Mann and staff at Frank Mann law office. I was VERY pleased with their services. If you are looking for a family law service I would HIGHLY recommend you hire Mr. Frank Mann!!!!! Thanks for all of your great work and services!”

Chaz S.

“I came to Frank Mann looking for help and I got it. Everyone in his office was extremely helpful. I don’t understand a lot of the “Legal talk”, but they put everything in a way for me to understand. Answered all my questions and actually listened to what I had to say. You really get what you pay for at his law firm.”

Richard C.

“I recommend Frank Mann as an experienced attorney who will get you results. He represented me and my two sons in a difficult series of lawsuits that lasted over five years. Throughout this time, he and his staff were always very professional and quick to respond to my communication. He exceeded my expectations by guiding me through these legal battles. My ex-husband lost his life as a volunteer Fire Firefighter so I had an extremely complicated case. He handled all of the legal matters, media coverage, and helped me through the entire process. My case went as far as being on appeal to the Texas Supreme Court and I am grateful that Mr. Mann was fighting for me and my sons the entire way. When I found out my case was going to be featured in a 20/20 television program, I was extremely nervous and didn’t know what to do. Mr. Mann took care of everything for me and helped me get through all of the crazy media that this case generated. He was there for me over all of these years and I really appreciate the effort that he and his firm put in to my case. Through the entire process Mr. Mann was persistent in making sure my sons would get what was rightfully theirs in the settlement. He got me excellent results and I am so grateful to him for being so considerate during this difficult situation. Although my sons had to endure the tragedy of losing their father, they will receive the survivor benefits that they deserve due to Mr. Mann’s hard work and always being their advocate.”

Heather D.

“Communication is incredibly important in all aspects of life, especially when you’re going through a divorce w/ children involved. The level of communication I received from Mr. Mann has highly exceeded my expectations! He has a unique ability to help the conversation stay focused on facts and what’s important. Therefore, not leading to long drawn out conversations that end up costing us more money. Mr. Mann was able to get me a split custody agreement that works for me and my soon to be ex-husband. I recently shared with Mr. Mann the profound affect he has had in my life as a result of him genuinely caring about my case and what is truly best for me and more importantly, my daughter. Family Law is clearly where Mr. Mann should be as he is incredibly knowledgeable and compassionate!”

A Satisfied Client

“My experience with Mr. Frank Mann has been ideal. I went to him with my various concerns and to fight for primary custody of my child and without any hesitation he educated me on the process and assured me promise with victory for the case. In the courtroom he was very aggressive and met all my desires. I witnessed the care and assertion he had to deliver all proper interest that was best for my child in my favor. Not only did he expose the obvious of my child’s well-being, he also encouraged my case’s victory until the end. We won the case nearly effortlessly because of his dedication to proceed to triumph. I’d recommend his representation to anyone seeking help in family law. He is amazing and very determined! Thanks Frank!”

Mr. Valentine
“The law office of Mann Family Law did a thorough and outstanding job when I got my divorce. Frank Mann was very professional in handling my
case. He kept me well informed from start to finish. I would like to say thank you and I appreciate your services.”


“Frank Mann is a formidable advocate for his clients. He is well versed in the law and both comfortable and respected in the courtroom. Frank is a disciplined and dedicated lawyer, who works very hard to secure favorable results within a budget through representation, mediation or litigation.”

Gregg D.

“I have had a wonderful experience with this Law Firm. The front desk staff is extremely knowledgeable and helpful. The attorneys, Frank and the paralegal, Linda that helped me with a complicated divorce did an amazing job. They were all efficient with keeping me updated, getting all of the proper documents done and filed. It all happened quicker than any experience I have ever had with a law firm before. They all seem to genuinely care about what you are going through and they know what they are doing.In regards to cost, they do not nickel and dime you like other law offices. They are honest and fair with all their doings. I would recommend this law firm for any purposes 100%!”

Julie B.

“My case was complicated. Mr. Mann explained everything to me throughout the case. The communication with my paralegal was excellent. The attorney fee billing was reasonable and fair. I recommend the Law Office of Frank Mann.”

Will V.

“My case was handled quickly, smoothly and professionally. I would definitely recommend the services of Frank Mann and his office.”

Robert C.

“Mr. Mann represented me in my divorce case. It was my first time having to hire an attorney. Mr. Mann and his staff did a great job! My paralegal was easy to communicate with. We did most of our communicating by email. I had Mr.Mann’s email and he was easy to contact. I thought my divorce was going to take a long time but his office got it completed in four months and I got what I wanted. Mr. Mann and his staff were very professional and they kept me informed about my case. They were very knowledgeable about the law and they explained how the process works. I am so grateful that Mr.Mann was very straight forward In explaining my options. His experience really paid off for me. I would use his services again if needed.”

Tonya H.

“I am happy that I hired Mr. Mann to handle my divorce. All of his hard work and dedication really paid off in the end. He took the time to listen to my problems and explain to me how the legal process worked. He was able to get the results I wanted. I always felt that he and his staff had my best interest at heart. He prepared me for issues that came up and got them resolved. There were times when I wanted to give up but he helped me get back on track. He never backed down from any situation. My paralegal kept me informed and was helpful. Mr. Mann,s strategy and experience got me the results that I wanted. I would recommend Mr. Mann to anyone who needs an attorney with family law experience. He is good at what he does.”

Travis G.

“My case is ongoing; it concerns the safety of my daughter. I hired Frank E Mann because he has 30 years experience in family law. I needed a professional lawyer to handle my case. So far, everything I needed for my case has been fulfilled. If I haven’t hired Frank E Mann, I would not have gotten as far as I am today. He is truly a professional and I am grateful I found his law firm.I have been extremely grateful for the support Linda, Mr. Mann and Kelly have given me through this very stressful time in my life. When it comes to the safety of our children; I believe it is extremely important to have the expertise and support backing you up. It is imperative to have someone that is not emotionally involved in the situation so that a clear and smart decision will be made. Mr. Mann’s law firm has definitely helped guide me in making the right and safest decision for my daughter and me. I am looking forward to their continuous support, day and night, with my case. Frank E Mann has done a fantastic job and continues to exceed my expectations! Thank you Linda, Kelly and Mr. Mann! I appreciate your help and support, more than you know!”

Cassie P.

“Awesome. Had my back from the start. Everything was easy and everything was explained as to what the game plan was and what to expect. I was notified of each step and developments as they occurred.”

Richard Y.

“Frank Mann represented me on a very high conflict, high stakes case and delivered results. Frank and his team (Tina, Airica and Ashley) are hard-working, extremely knowledgeable, professional, and caring. I highly recommend Frank and The Law Offices of Frank E. Mann.”

Guillermo O.

“Frank Mann represented me in court twice now for modification and enforcement issues. He has successfully put my ex in his place several times now, and it has been a great relief to see him show such good defense in protecting my children’s rights along with mine no matter what my ex wants start. I have dealt with my ex dragging me to court from another state unjustly and constantly violating our order but Frank has ensured vindication each time. Mr. Mann’s demeanor has always been professional and encouraging towards me, but much more knowledgeable, concise and confident when he defends me in court. Communication is very uplifting both from his office staff and himself. I realize I am not always his main priority as he has many clients and cases going on, so I make sure to be proactive and prepared as well as giving him maximum amount of time to handle my requests or any actions this combination has worked very successfully as everything is always done in a timely manner by him and his staff. I am so grateful to have found such a great lawyer who gets results and works with me all the way. I will continue to use Frank in the future. I would also like to add he has very reasonable rates especially for the 30 years of experience you get he has always worked with me which was a great comfort as the circumstances of my case were already stressful. I highly recommend Mr. Mann to anyone looking for an assertive experienced lawyer.”

Katrina K.

“Law Offices Of Frank Mann did an excellent job on my divorce. They helped turn a difficult situation into a positive experience. I would highly recommend Frank Mann’s services to everyone!”

Sophia G.

“I do not typically think that lawyers will do exactly what they advertise but I must say that Frank did just that. From the very beginning, he was honest and very candid with what he could do. We may have had a couple of roadblocks along the way but everyone is human. At the end of the day, I do not feel as if I just wasted my money without my desired result. If you are realistic with your expectations, and you listen to the legal advice, I would definitely support going to Frank Mann. There was a couple of negatives. The paralegal staff was not the best and could use a bit of coaching. I hope those things get better as I believe my situation could have been better if there was better input and if you are looking for good mediation services, definitely use Frank Mann. If you are looking to go to court, I would go elsewhere but Frank will assist the best he can and he does a good job.”

Anthony M.

“Great experience with Mr. Mann’s practice. The legal team here took my case and made it their own; I truly felt that rather than hoping for the best, Mr. Mann’s team dug in and FOUGHT for me in one of the hardest times of our lives. I would choose Frank Mann again, and that’s based largely on the competence of his staff. They actually care at this place. They don’t just blow smoke, they get things DONE.”

Eight F.

“Frank did an excellent job for me in my divorce. His office offerred flexible payment plans and made the process easy. He was able to take my stress away and his staff guided me through each step whilet keeping me updated throughout the process.”

Liz T.

“Great experience using this law firm! It was very easy to make an appointment to meet with Mr. Mann. He was able to be direct in analyzing my case and I could tell he had the experience needed to help me. He got me great results during a very emotional time for me. The paralegal was also extremely helpful to answer my questions.”

Jackie D.

“The best in the business! I can’t thank him enough for everything he did for me through some very difficult times!”

Matthew P.

“He got me primary custody! Mr. Mann did an excellent job in a trial for my recently! He won me primary custody of my three year old daughter. He prepared me for the trial and did a great job in cross examination of my wife. Mr. Mann has a very good presence in court. I was able to work with his staff. The paralegal was very knowledgeable. The paralegal returned my telephone calls and emails. His attorney fees and expenses were all listed in the Invoice. He listed all of his time and expenses as he said he would do in the Employment Agreement that I signed when I hired him and the best part is that he gave me a payment plan I can afford. Thanks to Mr. Mann, I have primary custody of my daughter when everyone told me that is very difficult for a father to get custody of children in Texas.”

Jesus S.

“Knowledgeable, compassionate and responsive! Frank Mann and his team know their business when it comes to family law and will do their best to represent your interest!”

Harry P.

“The Law Offices of Frank Mann P.C. is amazing. His staff makes you feel welcome from the time you walk in the door until your case is settled. Frank is not only concerned about the legal aspect of the case but your emotional experience. I have always felt that my opinion and feelings were a priority for them and that I mattered. Frank’s law firm has represented me for a divorce. If you are looking for an attorney with heart and knowledge I would recommend the Frank Mann to represent you.”

Donald D.

“Thank you Frank Mann and team for winning me primary joint custody and supervised visitation for my son and I. Now I can keep peace of mind over my sons safety. Thanks again Kelly,Tina, and Frank Mann who made this possible. Highly recommended thank you!”

Juan G.

“Frank as a family lawyer is on top in the Houston area. He has been my attorney for just over a year now. As a person, he is genuine and caring. Frank and his team helped me to resolved a frustrating and long-standing dispute and come to a settlement after I had tried other ways on my own for many years. I, assure everyone that they are in very capable hands. If you are looking for a hardworking and reliable attorney, Frank is your man.”

Angela C.

“Professional and knowledgeable in Family Law. I highly recommend considering legal services provided by Frank Mann and his team.”

Terri H.

“Although I have never written a review for anything before, I had such a positive experience with Mr. Mann that I felt I should add to his list of favorable comments. Frank was recommended as someone who could deal with difficult people in difficult situations, and he really came through. There were quite a few times when the situation became very intense and he was able to keep both parties communicating in an effective way, ultimately ending up with a settlement that was fair to both parties. At all times Frank maintained a highly professional attitude and did not show favoritism to either side, but addressed all issues by offering insight and alternate perspectives developed from years of dealing with these types of situations. As others have commented,he has a good understanding of how children are impacted and offered creative solutions for issues on which we were gridlocked. Thank you Frank, for helping us reach a final agreement. I would recommend Mr. Mann without any hesitation.”

Esmeralda R.

“Awesome would definitely recommend Frank and his office for anyone wanting a quality family lawyer!”

Randy R.

“I’d like to start off by saying I strongly recommend you hire Mr. Mann if you are going through the nightmare of divorce and you want/need someone on your side to help and prepare you for what’s to come.1. I am a real person(if you don’t believe that feel free to look me up) 2. People watch too much T.V. in real life you don’t just hire an attorney and a musical montage later they get everything they want. There is work to be done on both sides of the table.To begin I’d like to say that I couldn’t believe(and am extremely grateful) that he took me on. It was literally my “hail mary” effort to get an attorney as it was 7 in the evening and my court date was the next morning at 8am. He personally spoke with me after hours and listened to my story(I had been trying to get an attorney with no luck due to time constraints and financial reasons), agreed to help me, and even made his first appearance in court to help me based off a phone call and my story. My X and her lawyer were trying to rush through everything so she could screw me as much as possible and we’re stopped dead in their tracks thanks to him. She was going for custody, child support, and every single one of my possessions and was on the verge of getting it even though she was the one who cheated, and I was the one who always took care of my son, if it weren’t for him. He helped me get ready for, and told me everything that was going to happen, when, and what I should do to prepare (homework). I’m glad to say that it all ended in mediation literally in about an hour, when they we presented what we had to the mediator, just 5 days ago in fact. I can honestly say the outcome couldn’t have been any better……I now have my son (which my son is so much happier now he’s with me), and all of my things. So, I can say from personal experience, LISTEN AND PAY ATTENTION TO WHAT HE SAYS, DO THE HOMEWORK HE GIVES YOU, AND YOU WILL GET THE BEST OUTCOME POSSIBLE. Although going through the divorce process can flat out suck, some good can still come from it. I am still in disbelief from how quickly my x (and her lawyer) folded, but when you are prepared properly good things happen. Both my son and I will always be grateful for all he did for us, and he will always be the part of our lives that brought us together. We cannot say thank you enough!”

Jason C.

“Spectacular lawyer. Honest. Reliable.”

Elizabeth W.

“Mr Mann was great in court, he got me what I wanted in court. He got my wife out of the house and no spousal support. He kept being persistant with the other side when they wanted to delay court. So they could keep my wife in the house. Mr. Mann won my court hearing after a testimony before the judge. He also worked with my work schedule so that I didn’t have to take to much time away from work. I would recommend Mr. Mann to anyone.”

Walter B.

“I had a great experience with Frank Mann and his staff. My husband tried to hide his retirement plan and Mr. Mann found it and got me $35,000. I would highly recommend anyone needing a lawyer to use the Law Office of Frank Mann.”

Thelma T.

“Mr. Mann helped me through my child support case and thoroughly explained everything to me in detail. I would recommend him to anyone!”

Sandy B.

“A friend of mine was represented by Mr. Mann. She told me that he was an excellent attorney.”

Misty G.

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