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Collaborative Divorce

Collaborative Law

Divorces and related matters such as child support, child custody and child visitation rights are ridden with conflicts. What people don’t know is that there are ways to reduce the costs, stress and friction that accompanies a divorce dispute. Collaborative family law techniques are known to help people
reduce expense and argument when trying to resolve difficult issues.

collaborative divorce may lesson conflict and save money

At the law offices of Frank E. Mann, I use collaborative law methods
to help clients save money and lessen stress when dealing with divorce,
property division, and other difficult matters. For more information
about this approach to handling family law disputes, contact me today. Let me put my experience to work for you.

mediation using collaboration requires both parties to commit their
time and willingness to resolve conflicts together

Under collaborative divorce law, different lawyers represent each
party. Before the process begins, the lawyers and the divorcing couple
formally commit to resolving as many issues as possible without
resorting to trial. The attorneys then work with their individual
clients to identify non-contentious issues. The parties may name other
specialists, such as child psychologists, financial advisors, or
property assessors. If the other party agrees, the named experts become
part of the team working to settle the case. The role of the collaborative divorce lawyers is
to keep the process moving, even when difficulties arise.

Once all the issues are resolved, the two lawyers/attorneys draft a proposal
for the court, submitting it jointly. It is possible that a final
judgment will be granted without the necessity of a court appearance. At
my Houston family law office, my clients find that their investment of time in the
process pays excellent dividends in reduced costs, less stress, and more
control of the outcome.

an family law lawyer dedicated to using collaborative family law techniques

Because of my dedication to saving people money and resolving
difficult situations as effectively as possible, I make sure that
clients are aware of their options and the possibilities offered by
collaborative divorce law. It has been an excellent way to resolve
disputes for many divorcing couples. Call my Houston law office to learn more about collaborative family law. Contact Frank E.
Mann, Attorney and Counselor at Law.

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