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Free Consultation with a Divorce Lawyer

Looking for a divorce lawyer in Houston, Tx? I offer sound divorce advice and representation that can make the difficult and often emotional divorce process easier. At the Law Office of Frank E. Mann, P.C., I strive to handle the sensitive issues involved with the divorce process in a professional manner. I have handled many divorce cases since 1984, and I am a strong advocate who gets results. Let me put my knowledge and divorce law experience to work for you. Contact my Texas Divorce law office in Houston, Texas today to schedule a free consultation.

General Information

I am an aggressive, strategic divorce attorney in Houston who can handle all aspects of the most complex and contested divorces with children and asset division including:

I provide comprehensive legal counsel for many types of divorce cases in Harris, Montgomery, and Fort Bend County. Whether you’re anticipating a contested divorce trial that rivals War of the Roses, or you are seeking an amicable divorce…things often get complicated once the initial discovery phase begins. If your divorce will need to address things like dividing property, stocks and bonds, a company you own together, or any other complex factors there’s a pretty good chance I’ve handled it before. Here are some of the specific areas of divorce law that I have experience with:

  • Changing a Divorce Decree
  • Contested Divorce
  • Standing Assets & Freezing Assets
  • Common Law Marriage Divorce
  • Uncontested Divorce(amicable, for now anyway)
  • Dividing Property During Divorce
  • Clarification and explanation of the Texas Family Code that governs
    divorce and family law
  • Guidance regarding grounds for divorce and the filing of an original
    petition for divorce
  • If you and your spouse or partner have agreed on issues such as
    these, it may be possible to obtain an uncontested divorce, which is
    inexpensive and relatively stress-free.
  • Discovery and division of marital property and liabilities
  • Standing orders or temporary restraining orders or injunctions to prevent transfer or
    “hiding” of assets and possible harassment
  • Post-divorce modifications
  • Temporary orders to determine such things as who stays in the home
    during divorce proceedings, living arrangements for children involved,
    who pays the bills during this time, and more

Common Divorce Issues We Handle

From years of experience, I can say with absolute certainty that there is no such thing as a simple divorce. Divorce is one of the most emotionally charged time of one’s life, and when children, property, or grandparents and money are added to the equation things can get ugly fast. I can help navigate you through these obstacles and get the results you need for you and your children.Some of the other issues we provide legal counsel for during divorce include:

Even if you have come to an agreement on all issues or if you have contested issues, I can help you reduce stress, time off from work and expenses by using certain techniques to enable you to come to an agreement with your spouse. In short, I can handle any divorce-related issue, taking care of the details and paperwork required for a dissolution of marriage. Contact my law firm if you are thinking about hiring an attorney to file for divorce in the greater Houston area.

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Why Choose Frank E.

  • 30+ Years Experience
  • Member: State Bar of Texas
  • Member: The College of State Bar of TX
  • Houston Bar Association - Family Law Section

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