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Joint Child Custody

Joint Managing Conservatorship in Texas

Texas, there is a presumption that parents will act as joint managing
. Often called joint custody in other states,this
arrangement does not mean that both parents have equal responsibility
for the children. Even though they have joint custody, the court assigns
parents specific roles.

Agreeing about custody is better than having a judge impose
custody arrangements

I advise clients to work together to find a way to care for their
children. If they can accomplish this, they will achieve a child custody
agreement that meets their needs without the interference of a third
party. Using collaborative family law techniques or obtaining a
temporary order, parents may be able to achieve an equitable sharing of
responsibility and joint custody. When this is not an option, I provide
my clients with practical advice and workable solutions to all matters
related to custody. Contact me at Frank E. Mann, Attorney and
Counselor at Law.

Joint managing conservatorship is the norm in Houston Texas

managing conservatorship is the default arrangement for child custody
in Texas. This means that parents share responsibility for major
decision making on behalf of the child in matters such as education,
religion, and medical crises. It does not mean that both parents spend
the same amount of time with the child. However, dividing the time
equally can work if both parents and the children want this. Each family
is different. I try to develop joint custody proposals that work and
meet the family’s needs.

The Texas Legislature has had a bill put forth in the last 2 sessions to attempt to ensure custody arrangements remain fair for fathers. Read more about it here:

Could Presumptive Equal Custody for Fathers Be Coming to Texas?

joint managing conservatorship, one of the parents is appointed as the
primary managing conservator. The child may live primarily with this
parent, who has the day-to-day responsibility for caring for the child.
The primary managing conservator usually receives child support from the
other parent. Either fathers or mothers can be appointed as primary
joint managing conservators.

A joint child custody lawyer who develops child custody proposals that meet your

managing conservatorship is relatively new in Texas family law. It
reflects the belief that having both parents involved in the upbringing
of their children is positive. It also assumes that the two parents can
work together for the benefit of their children. If you believe that
your children would benefit from a joint managing conservatorship,
contact my law office in Houston. I offer practical advice and workable
solutions in all child custody matters.

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